I am a gamer who makes dice bags at greyedout.etsy.com I play Warmachine and collect Orks.

21st October 2014

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[Walk In Eternity]

An update of sorts, to this older version before Twelve’s time.

>See the animation progress and stills here<


>font credit<

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21st October 2014

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(New York City, 2013-2014)

Photographer Franck Bohbot

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20th October 2014

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I haven’t been on Tumblr much lately, because I’ve been busy taking care of my wife, who had surgery on her foot a couple of weeks ago. Also, I’ve been sewing a huge number of dice bags, for early holiday orders. Please accept apologies for my absence in the form of a few new dice bags, like the Hammer and Sickle dice bag and the Hydra dice bag shown above.

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11th October 2014

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I&#8217;ve been working on painting some Soviet Goblins.  These are from Kromlech, and I plan to probably use them as counts-as shoota boyz in my ork army.

I’ve been working on painting some Soviet Goblins.  These are from Kromlech, and I plan to probably use them as counts-as shoota boyz in my ork army.

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7th October 2014

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I sewed some new dice bags for Bolt Action, Flames of War, and other historical miniature wargames. You can find these at Greyed Out.

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25th September 2014

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New dice bag design with an internal pocket for holding special dice, tokens, etc. The pocket’s opening is high enough that closing the bag and using the cord lock should be enough to keep the items inside from separating into the main section.

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6th September 2014

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Black Legion Dice Bag now listed at Greyed Out. Look for the &#8220;Eye of Horus&#8221; dice bag. But it&#8217;s basically Black Legion.

Black Legion Dice Bag now listed at Greyed Out. Look for the “Eye of Horus” dice bag. But it’s basically Black Legion.

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31st August 2014

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Sewed myself a new Bad Moons dice bag, because why not? 

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31st August 2014

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The joke isn’t that they’re cruel or bad at parenting or have any particular disdain for the world at large. They aren’t unkind to their neighbors or to the animals and their deeply devoted to their children and to each other.

The joke is that they’re happy.

The Addams Family is missing a lot of the typical sitcom tropes. There’s no mother-in-law jokes, no arguing over who’s supposed to fill what gender role, both Morticia and Gomez spend roughly equal amounts of time parenting the children and the most remarkable is the relationship between Morticia and Gomez. You see Morticia Addams and it really highlights how rare it is in family films and TV sitcoms to see a wife and mom character who isn’t like this “dissatisfied housewife always mad at my big dumb husband but I love him gonna stay with him because this is the world and he’s the best I can get and I am always right because wifes are the smart ones hey you can relate to this average American I guess”. Morticia and Gomez in contrast are usually working together you know rarely party A will keep something from party B but for the most part the form little schemes together as partners both are heads of the household and they almost never disrespect each other - remarkable in a genre where that’s usually the joke.

But the reason the Addams are happy is really beacause they exist outside of society’s expectations. Gomez is a man child who plays with his trains and that’s fine. Morticia fences with her husband and plays with weapons often and it doesn’t occur to them to care what other people think.

 Lindsay Ellis (via somebodysittingthereallthetime)

I really, really like this.

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31st August 2014

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set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

these are incredible

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